Boriana Valentinova

Executive coaching and team training

Set goals, break limits

I coach professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners struggling with resistance to change.

I will help you get to your next level – guaranteed. My approach is personal, my method is proven, and the results become visible from the first session.

As a coach, I will help you break through limiting beliefs holding you back and turn stoppers into opportunities.

But the truth is you can’t make changes in your business without the support and involvement of your team. So, training them and facilitating the knowledge they need for the change journey is crucial for your success.

As a trainer, my approach is action-oriented, hands-on and get-things-done interaction. I train teams in continuous improvement, problem-solving, project management, team-building and managing resistance to change.

So let’s crack that business challenge!

If we haven’t worked together, I suggest you book a discovery call↓. 

Front view business consultant
There is only one way from here – UP!

Boriana has been my inspiration and support to go through some important changes in my personal life. She guided me to see the positive aspect of a change that was difficult and scary. She has been my shadow, my journey partner, my compass.

I’ve made few important changes successfully thanks to her help.

Raquel Patiño, JIN SHIN JYUTSU Instructor

Why should you work with a
business coach?

My 1:1 Coaching method

For professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to make business changes.


Understand your
current situation

What is going on in your business or career? How do you feel about it? Positive,  frustrated, overloaded…

What is your current Status Quo, and what is your Vision?

Why do you want the change?


What is your focus
right now?

Do you see opportunities or only the problem?

I will help you focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

We will discover solutions. Work the ‘what if’ scenario.


Reset your

You can get stuck with the “this way or the highway”.

I will guide you to expand your options and choose the best one for you.

Then nothing is off limit. We will develop an action plan to achieve your goal.


Establish positive

Who are the key people in your life? Who cares about you? Can you involve them in your transformation?

I will coach you to understand human behaviour and develop strategies to tackle resistance to change.



1, 2, 3
Get into action

How do we solve this massive problem you thought you had? Following the action plan, one small step at a time, initially. 

What is the minor step I can take today to solve this?

A sprint will follow shortly. The best part…

You will be in shape to run and win it.

My coaching packs

Just ask

Aimed at anyone with a business challenge who needs guidance to address it but is comfortable working alone and without follow-up. Ask me anything about your business. 

You can have one or several Just Ask sessions. If we work together for a longer period of time, I will help you define goals, push past limiting beliefs, and draw an action plan, and I will guide you during the execution of those actions.

Expect me to ask direct questions, challenge your status quo and offer breakthrough solutions. You will feel empowered and motivated to get things done.



For customised sessions, please get in touch with me!


Aimed for those who need guidance to get their business goals ASAP and are open to a steep learning curve. I will bring clarity, focus on the right priorities and help you discover and trigger the right solutions.

This pack has 3 milestones: start with focus, continue with a roadmap and finish with quick wins, which set you up for the journey.

Price 10 sessions


For customised sessions, please get in touch with me!


In this pack, coaching and mentoring overlap to offer continuous, longer-term guidance and supervision. You will be achieving business goals and gaining new, more productive habits and an efficient way of working.

Nurture is essential to the development, self-esteem, goal setting and attainment of results.

Price 20 sessions


For customised sessions, please get in touch with me!

My 1: many Training method

Continuous improvement, waterfall and agile project management, change management,
problem-solving, and team-building.



We will start by defining the scope of the training, which depends on the people involved and the transformation your business is going through or plan to go through in the future.

I will help you select the most suitable tools, skills and methods your team needs to learn and will tailor fit the content, presentation and exercises. 



Trainings are hands-on, which means I teach the team the theory, but then we will effectively carry out a small project within a selected area of your business and utilise the newly learned concepts.

This way, everyone can apply the knowledge into practice, use the strategy and tools or rehearse the skills just acquired.



Last but not least… Any transformation needs to be sustained over time by turning new knowledge into healthy habits.

Such a process requires time. So I train one person or a group of people from your team to be the leader and further facilitator of the tools and practices into the future.

All training sessions are customised; please get in touch with me!

Not ready to invest?

Fair enough! 

It happens. We all doubt before making a commitment. And sometimes, all we need is time to process, accept and ask for help. So take your time! But do two things for yourself that will help you going forward:


If you don’t already do it, start exercising. If you do it, add a new activity to your routine. Ideally, go outdoors. Exercise makes us sweat, brings certain discomfort, and takes us out of our comfort zone to feel better at the end, more energised and tired but renewed and calmer. 

It is similar to the transformational journey you must take to the next level in your professional life. Of course, you will go through discomfort as you will be breaking liming beliefs, rules and constraints. Still, in the end, you will achieve a new, better state of being, just like with exercising. So, it will be an excellent learning curve for you.


Be open to learning! So, read! Read about what you are interested in: hobbies, business, science, humanitarian help… anything you are curious about but never came around to do it. We all have the same time (24×7), so find the time! But, this is capital BUT, do not read social media, news or short articles. Read books

Books have a beginning, a height and an end. They tell a story with characters and events along a timeline. Books force us to focus, to remember events we read at the beginning that will be resolved at the end. All this process of reading consciously, in a way, ‘forces’ you to pay attention to details, to think, and use your imagination to visualise the possible outcome of the story. And it could be your story!