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My Change Management Approach

Work with me to transform
your business or career


i put my heart and soul into what I do. My goal is to take you from your current status to where you aim to be. I will guide you and help with the transformational journey, regardless of whether you manage an established business, look to disturb a market or struggle to lift off the ground. I get things done. And my area of expertise is the ability to transfer knowledge by showing, not lecturing. I am relentless in pursuit of the goal, and I build lasting relationships with my clients.

I can help if...

You want to make a transformation in your business or career that requires major planning and effort,


You’ve been stuck trying to figure out how to move forward,


You’ve started and abandoned changes way too often,


You are focused on how much you lose, not on how much you can gain.

I can’t help if…

You are looking for a quick fix,

You are are not ready for a steep learning curve,


You are not ready to roll up your sleeves and put in the work,


You are reluctant to set clear goals and commit.

The 4 Step Change Framework

Transforming your business or starting a new professional project has nothing to do with trial and error. You need a guarantee for success as you are putting a lot on the line. That’s where I come in. I will help you push past that limiting belief that you can’t and give you the tools and practices to move ahead and see results.

I work with a simple but effective method for achieving business and professional transformations. This is a holistic framework – it encompasses everything, from setting up clear goals to attaining complete change. In addition, I will coach you on how to address resistance to change, which typically comes from the stakeholders (people who are interested in your transformation) when you decide to grow your business or pursue a different career.

My working method is based on teamwork, feedback and knowledge transfer. I use market-proven tools and software solutions that help advance quickly and bring transparency into the change journey.

So, how can we work together?

It all starts with a conversation:-). Followed by a mutual agreement, a commitment, due diligence and hands-on working sessions. It also includes loads of coaching (from my side), loads of fine-tuning and loads of knowledge transfer. Working strategy, tools and timeframes vary, depending on if you are a small to medium business, an entrepreneur starting up or a solopreneur with a dream and a project.

My service packs


Aimed for small/medium businesses and entrepreneurs who either want to:

  • scale in response to growing customer demand by designing and putting in place organisational structure including team(s), assets, processes, workflows, governance, and roles and responsibilities, 
  • build robust and reliable supply chain or partner agreements with service providers,
  • digitalise the right processes, 
  • deal with resistance to change that inevitably comes with growth.

Working method:

  1. Understand the expected/desired growth model, the current As-is in the market, operations, teams and financial muscle. The vision ‘where?’ and the purpose ‘why?’.
  2. As-is inventory and gap analysis (marketing, finance, operations, teams): market positioning, sales strategy, partnerships, user/customer experience, accounting, KPI’s, turnover, expenses, assets, product/service logistics, processes & procedures, customer service, back office, IT.
  3. Action plan and investment estimation to fill the gap and achieve growth: processes, workflows, employees and organisational structure, KPI’s, governance model, IT & data storage.
  4. Training and accompanying during implementation and follow up (only for turnkey solution option).

Deliverables & duration:

  • Roadmap, action plan, deployment schedule, talent matrix, training plan.
  • Executive coaching in change management, teams training, hands-on execution and follow-up (only for turnkey solution option).
  • Stakeholders resistance mitigation plan. 
  • Duration is between 1 and 3 months, two weekly meetings, daily support during implementation.

Prices start at $ 1100, depending on company size.

Becoming Lean

Aimed for small and medium-sized businesses who either want to:

  • increase customer satisfaction by improving service quality (no mistakes, no defects, clear procedures, fast query resolution), 
  • digitalize the right processes, 
  • identify opportunities to improve productivity and efficiency, reduce rework,
  • implement pull systems (Kanban, JIT) and reduce cycle and lead times,
  • deal with resistance to change that inevitably comes with growth.

Working method:

  1. Understand expected results from becoming a lean company, current business model evaluation.
  2. Understand customer expectations and market segmentation.
  3. The vision ‘where?’ and the purpose ‘why?’
  4. Business mapping and improvements discovery:
    • Operational metrics
    • Information flow (IT and data storage)
    • Material flow (if applicable)
    • Product development cycle and team(s)
    • End-to-end processes mapping (Concept-to-product, Market-to-customer, Order-to-cash, and Demand-to-supply)
    • Procedures, roles and responsibilities.

Deliverables & duration:

  • Lean transformation proposal: Identified areas for improvement, action plan and estimated ROI.
  • Training and communication plan.
  • Stakeholders resistance mitigation plan.
  • Deployment schedule and resources needed (investment, team, outsourcing).
  • Coaching and accompanying during implementation and follow up (only for turnkey solution option).
  • Duration is typically between 1 and 3 months but can extend to 6 months depending on scope. In addition, the pack includes two weekly meetings, daily support during implementation.

Prices start at $ 2500, depending on company size—guaranteed ROI in savings.

The next level

Aimed for solopreneurs, freelancers or individuals who want to:

  • grow, put processes in place and assume additional workload in response to rising customer demand,
  • get the right team in place (either internal or outsourced), 
  • formally kick off a business you have been carrying out informally and occasionally. Shape it, structure it, lanch it.

Working method:

  1. Understand the expected/desired growth. The vision ‘where?’ and the purpose ‘why?’. 
  2. Carry out market, customer and financial analysis (SWOT, VOC, ROI). Identify what processes, actions and know-how are needed to move forward. 
  3. Deliver detailed growth proposal, action plan and timeframes (including automating workflows, market positioning, pricing, headcount…).

Deliverables and duration:

  • Growth stepstones, action plan and metrics: operations,  market positioning, sales strategy, user/customer experience, finance, IT.
  • Coaching, training and knowledge transfer. 
  • A detailed plan for launching a business.
  • Duration is between 4 and 5 weeks with one weekly meeting or call and 3 to 6 weekly follow-up sessions.

Prices start at $ 550, depending on the scope.

Not ready to invest?

- Two affordable options -

Online course

If you are in a position where you know the change you want and you need general guidance on how to get on with it, scale up your performance to get results, or if you feel confident working on your own terms and know how to ask for feedback when you need it, I suggest you take my online course The 4 Step Change Framework.

It will give you the framework, the tools and the best practices to define your goal, get organized, implement and sustain changes. The know-how you obtain is applicable for any kind of professional change you want to make that requires analysis and effort: reshaping your business, starting a new venture, changing your career… I give feedback after each one of the four modules on your progress.

Check out the introductory Free Masterclass to the course. You will also get the opportunity to kick off your change journey straight away by learning how to define cristal clear and achievable goals and prioritize your efforts and resources.

3x1 Coaching

It all starts with a conversation. Again:-). After you’ve selected the slot, you will receive a brief questionnaire to fill in so that I can gain clarity on the transformation you want and prepare for the call.

This package is for people just starting with their business project and need help developing a business plan, proof of concept, or obtaining objective feedback from an experienced business consultant.

During the call, we will discuss what you are aiming for, the results you want to achieve, and how can I help. This first call is FREE. After that, you can decide if you’re going to work with me. If so, we will schedule the other two sessions to work on your business roadmap, action plan and metrics. We will cover all aspects of a business: structure, operations, marketing and finance.

I put my heart and soul into what I do. So, if you work with me and are prepared to commit, I will make sure you accomplish your goals.

Still unsure whether to jump right in...

- Check these free resources -

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