Boriana Valentinova

Work with me; I will help you take your business to the next level

I put my heart and soul into what I do.

My goal is to take you from your current status to where you aim to be in business growth and scale of operations. I will guide you and help with the transformational journey, regardless of whether you manage an established business, look to disturb a market or struggle to lift off the ground.

I get things done. Also, my area of expertise is the ability to transfer knowledge by training hands-on.

I am focused on pursuing the goal we define, and I build lasting relationships with my clients.

business growth

I can help if...

I can't help if...

Access all the support you need to
scale, streamline and structure your business

Scale operations

Scale your business model
- Ramp it Up -

Grow/scale operations (assets, processes, IT and teams) in response to increasing customer demand.

Streamline processes

Streamline operations
- Become Lean -

Optimise/transform to increase productivity, efficiency and achieve a better working environment.

From Overwhelmed
to Organised

No-stress, no-trial-and-error, but a smooth transition from feeling a one-person-show to becoming a confident business owner.  

Coaching 1:1 Boriana

1:1 Coaching

Professionals and business owners facing strong resistance to change and in need of guidance in achieving their goals.

Continuous improvement team training

1:many Training

For managers, employees and contractors going through a transformation, facing new ways of working and interaction.