Efficiency vs effectiveness

effectiveness vs efficiency

“Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.” That’s Peter Drucker’s quote demystifying the efficiency vs effectiveness dilemma. Doing the right thing comes first. Only then can we improve and do things right. But often, we do it all the way around. We try to improve on something wrong at its core, which […]

Are you falling into the urgency trap?

Urgency trap

We all fall into the ‘Urgency trap’. Especially around the time of the year when we want to close deals and projects, fulfil deadlines, spend budgets and reach destinations. Everyone is in a rush, everything is urgent, and it seems like the world will end badly if we don’t speed up (more) and get the […]

Cultural transformation can be easy…

cultural transformation

… if you break it into actions. Cultural transformation is the process of changing the set of values and behaviours of people. Can you imagine a more challenging transformation for a company than that? I doubt it. In any case, big or small, it means disruption. However, this “colossal” challenge can be faced and even […]

Did you study psychology in school?

Psychology in school

About a year ago, I worked with a client interested in launching an online crash course about team management in times of crisis. Part of my job was to understand the market – if there was a demand for such a crash course. Effective team management during crisis depends on the people skills of the […]

Change management vs. Project management

Project management

There are five main differences between change management and project management. Understanding them will help you make changes successfully. When we talk about managing a change, we tend to think about the business environment. But change happens on all levels: personal and professional. Both disciplines are intertwined and overlap in some parts, but at the same […]