Manufacturing footprint

manufacturing footprint

Scaling a startup or growing a business within the secondary industry (consisting of processing, manufacturing, and construction companies) is not merely about more customers and traction; it is also about being able to fulfil efficiently on a global scale. There lays the hidden challenge of growth: making the right things in the right places.¬†Manufacturing footprint […]

Growing your business? Choose the right app!

growing your business

Are you in the stage of growing your business? If so, you will need to start putting some order and structure in your work, digitalise and increase productivity. I share some of the apps and software I use for clients, and hopefully, you will find them helpful too. These are not affiliate links. Some apps […]

Top mistakes to avoid when implementing changes

top mistakes to avoid

Driving changes in an organisation can be challenging and complex. As a result, 70% of initiatives fail. But it can be achieved by having a few strategies in place, thus avoiding setbacks. Among them is defining the scope, choosing the correct working method, and making resources available (people, budget, time). Here are the top 7 […]