A project for everyone


A project is a method that knowingly or unknowingly is used by many. When you want to launch a business, you write a plan. When you want to build a house, you get a project. When you travel for pleasure, you put an itinerary together. When you marry, you get a wedding planner. When you […]

Agile vs Kaizen, which one works better?

manage change

It is a fact that without teamwork, any business transformation fails. That’s true even for solopreneurs. If they don’t join efforts with service providers, partners and clients, they won’t grow. By now, almost everyone has heard about agile and kaizen teams. And the question that often arises is which one to use…Whether you are just […]

Top mistakes to avoid when implementing changes

top mistakes to avoid

Driving changes in an organisation can be challenging and complex. As a result, 70% of initiatives fail. But it can be achieved by having a few strategies in place, thus avoiding setbacks. Among them is defining the scope, choosing the correct working method, and making resources available (people, budget, time). Here are the top 7 […]

How to get it RIGHT this time

new project

We all tend to start the year with totally inspiring resolutions to transform businesses or careers. Experts choose to change jobs or launch a new business, solopreneurs decide to grow, founders resolve to find new markets, CEOs go for new and ambitious goals to improve their organizations… We confidently throw ourselves into the new venture […]

A day in life of a project manager

project manager day

I see these images about the day of an entrepreneur – how unpredictable it is. Yet, I can’t help but think about the day of any change project manager, which by the way, is way worse. It is so volatile – it is almost surreal.An entrepreneur is its own boss and has responsibilities and authority. […]

Change management vs. Project management

Project management

There are five main differences between change management and project management. Understanding them will help you make changes successfully. When we talk about managing a change, we tend to think about the business environment. But change happens on all levels: personal and professional. Both disciplines are intertwined and overlap in some parts, but at the same […]

What is change management?

Resistance to change

Change management is about preparing, giving support and equipping individuals, teams, and business to change successfully. It involves all areas of a business: technology, processes, people, market and competition. The discipline goes beyond the right concept, the right core process redesign, or even the right team of stakeholders. The core lies in changing the people […]