The 4-Step Change Framework

There is an art and science to making change happen. But it isn’t hard, you just need to follow the formula for it. And when you do, you will be able to make changes, achieve results and make dreams come true. 

The 4-Step Change Framework is a proven method you can use to make changes in business or personal life.

It’s simpler than you think!


Change Management Online Course

Discover how a few basic tools and best practices can help you to achieve your goals, whatever they are...

Change Management for your business


Change Management for your career


Change Management for your family


Change Management for your community


Change Management for your personal growth


At the end of the change management course, you will have...

1.Clearly defined goals, resources, action plan and convinced stakeholders about the benefits of change.

2.Learned how to deal with resistance to change, procrastination and lack of commitment (your own and others’).

3.Mastered a framework and a process for starting, executing and sustaining changes easily.

4. Understood and applied the most simple but relevant strategies, tools and templates for change management.

5.Tried some of the best apps on the market for project management, teamwork and task scheduling.

6. Either started or you are way ahead into executing the action plan of your own transformational journey. 

But above else…

The 4-Step Change Framework will give you the process and the know-how that will allow you to confidently make changes without fear, frustration or failure — the foundation that will make you embrace change as a positive and rewarding accomplishment in life.

HI, I'm Boriana

“My thing” is helping people change what matters to them in their professional and personal life. I’m passionate about it. And my area of expertise is transferring knowledge through showing, not lecturing. My change management courses and coaching are practical and aim to enable you to get things done.

During my professional career, I’ve led many transformation programs for both large and small organisations. I have carried out hundreds of training and coaching sessions on business and personal levels. I have also made some important personal changes in my life. All these experiences about change, I share in my courses and prints.

I am one of the few change management coaches with in-the-trenches experience of making change happen,
because I roll my sleeves up and implement
actions to get results.

I have worked with many recognised methodologies, tools and approaches for change, applying them in different industries and different personal needs. There is no universal rule as to which ones are the best – every change circumstance is different. But there are fundamental best practices from these frameworks.

I can work in a virtual environment, where everything is digital, and tools and templates are directly filled in on the computer screen, or I can offer a manual approach by using flip charts and tons of post-its. There is no right or wrong way of working. It all depends on what makes you feel comfortable.

The Adkar model, Kotler’s model, Kübler-Ross Five Stage Model, PDCA, Business Process Mining, Process Analysis, Lean, Kaizen, Continuous Improvement, Reengineering, Lean Start-Up, Agile Product Development, ITIL, Robotic Process Automation, OKR’s, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, VSM, Design Thinking…

Online Course on Change Management by Boriana Valentinova

I’ve learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t

Change Management Course - Planning

Planning works, always. When implementing a change, improvisation might seem like a good option as long as you know your ground. During the first transformation journeys I undertook in my professional and personal life, most of the time, I didn’t know what was going to happen as things were new to me. So when I improvised, often I got it wrong.   

With experience, I learned that planning would help you every time, even if you are not entirely sure what’s going on. So, plan. Plan actions, resources and objectives. Identify risk factors and plan how to control them. If you want a change, plan. Keep improvisation as a second-choice strategy if your plan fails, and you have to act on the spot.

Change Management Course - Irrational fear

Many people have an irrational fear that others will steal our thunder or stop us from reaching our dreams. For that reason, people guard information as some kind of treasure. And that might be true for easily replicable ideas and dreams that depend too much on others.

When you decide to change something in your life, you know better than anyone else what you want to achieve. Stealing your dream is impossible, it is unique to you and to your circumstances. Sharing it with your close circle, opening up for feedback and communicating is a great way to diminish resistance to change. Let your world know what you are doing – your progress and failures – and you will be surprised how much people will support you.

Change Management Course - Failure

Failure is an occurrence, not a character trait. This means that failure can happen. And it can happen to everyone. I have failed a few times in my life… failed to make a change, failed to understand the signs, failed to motivate my team, failed to help my children.

But at other times, I have succeeded… succeeded in leading and implementing a change, succeeded in achieving results, and succeeded in building a home. I’ve learned that if you fail, fail fast! Don’t linger. Acknowledge the signs, let it go, then get up and try again. Failure is due to circumstances and expectations. Change the circumstances, adjust the expectations and try again. You will succeed!

Change Management Course - Radical Change

Making one big radical change in your life or your business is not only tricky, but it can also be counterproductive. We live in complex and intertwined societies with high dependencies on others: family, friends, suppliers, bosses. We also tend to have limited resources: time, money, teams, and even knowledge.   

But we need to move forward to make change happen or our dreams come true. We have to focus on small, quick wins, which will bring us two benefits: positive results feed our experience and therefore knowledge and self-esteem. They also help address resistance to change by showing step-by-step progress. So, think big, act small.

Change Management Course

This course is for you if...

  • You want to make a change in your life that requires a certain effort or analysis,
  • You’ve been stuck trying to figure out how to change something (personally and professionally),
  • You’ve started and abandoned changes,
  • You want to make things happen and see results from change today and tomorrow,
  • You want to learn how to manage change and learn about project work in general.

This virtual change management course is offered in 5 learning modules. Each module includes video, downloadable tools, skill-building exercises, and the opportunity to apply the content immediately to the goal you are pursuing.

Change Management Course modules
Change Management Course - 5 video modules
Change Management Course - Tools and Templates
Change Management Course - Know-How guides
Change Management Course - Feedback
Change Management Course - 1 year access to material
Change Management Course - Module 1

Module 1: Define your goal

What this ‘Goal Definition’ module will give you is a deep understanding and all the support material for you to narrow down your goals.

The video takes you step-by-step on how to do it, and afterwards, you will use the material to work on your goal. I will share examples and tips from my experiences and the complete guide of how to define and choose the right goal for you.

Module 2: Get organized

As we move to the second module you are going to figure out your entire change journey: how will you implement your goal. This module will give you the confidence to know what you are doing.

You will be clear on your actions; a lot of people define this module as a game-changer. Module 2 is about organisation.

These lessons will cover the need for organisation and why ‘A Project’ is the best tool you can ever come across to implement changes.

Change Management Course - Module 2
Change Management Course - Module 3

Module 3: Deal with resistance to change

Now we come to the next step in the change journey, where we will address the crucial issue of overcoming resistance and committing to action and results. Knowing how to deal with resistance and commitment empowers you to succeed.

Resistance to change comes not only from the people around you but from you too. And sometimes you can be your own worst handicap to achieving your goals.

Commitment comes with results – you will learn how to implement quick wins so that you get a few results, which will motivate you to go further along the change journey. I will tell you about the importance of the stakeholders, mentors or role models.

Module 4: Sustaining change

This module is about sustaining the change you’ve implemented. This is a very important point in the change journey because we tend to cool our engines. At this point, as we have obtained some results and decrease the amount of effort we put into it.

The thing is, the intensity or the time dedicated to the project can and should decrease at this point, but not the commitment.

We have to follow up on what we have changed, if not, we will fall back. To prevent this from happening, we will discuss the tools and the know-how to sustain change. I will be talking about ending your project and incorporating changes in Life as Usual or Business as Usual.

Change Management Course - Module 4
Change Management Course - Module 5

Module 5: Embracing change

Once you have completed Modules 1-4, you will be all set up for welcoming change in life. I will show you how and why change is an integral part of life and not a milestone.

And how you can launch your goals again and again without repeating the stress or getting lost along the way.

This module is almost entirely ‘practical’ – you will learn through 4 real-life case studies about people who have implemented changes in their lives, how they have succeeded and the lessons learned.

This course will give you direct feedback every step of the way

Change Management Course - Feedback

After each module, you will have feedback on the work you upload if you choose to do so. You will have full access to all the teaching material for 12 months.

In the feedback sessions, I will answer your most pressing questions about change!

We will cover the following pain points in the change management course:

  • Have I defined my goals clearly?
  • How do I get organised and achieve my goals?
  • Which is the best way to work on my goals?
  • Why is a project the best approach to carry out a change?
  • How is a project different from everyday work?
  • How do I address resistance to change?
  • How do I liaise with stakeholders (people who have an interest in my project)?
  • How do I sustain change and not fall back into old routines?
  • How do I accept that change is part of my life? …… And more!

You still have doubts? Let me address them…

Change Management Course - SMART Goal exercise

Not sure about your goal?

The SMART goal exercise.

We will uncover your most important wish or dream at this time and you will translate it into a specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely goal. Moreover, you will learn how to achieve that goal.

Not knowing where to start?

The Project Charter.

We will capture all the necessary activities and variables to implement your goal. You will understand who are your stakeholders, what action plan you have to follow and what risks you will face and overcome along the way.

Change Management Course - The Project Charter
Change Management Course - Prioritization matrix

You are not sure about getting support?

The Prioritization matrix.

Many of us use this matrix to identify quick wins – the ones that deliver quick results. You will implement a few of those and convince everyone that you know what you are doing. Support comes with trust. Quick wins are an easy and quick way to earn trust.

You have failed to implement a change?

The 3S retrospective.

You will have a visual board with all the activities you have changed: the ones you have to stop doing, the ones you will start doing, and the corrective actions when you fail to stop.

Change Management Course - The 3S Retrospective

Some amazing testimonials on change

Change Management Course - Carmen Rosa testimonial

“The biggest challenge to change is to get out of your comfort zone. I was comfortable with my life but I knew I wanted to do more, start something new and push myself. So, I took many online courses led by my role models. I read a LOT about all aspects of this business. I sat with my husband and my children and shared my goal because there is no way you can pursue a dream alone without the support of your loved ones.

There are 3 main lessons about succeeding with your dreams in life: have a clear and well-established goal; do what you are passionate about; it is never too late to make a change. It is amazing how after so many years I finally followed my passion to help others achieve a better life and I am enjoying every moment of it.”

Carmen Rosa Machado, Entrepreneur and Influencer

“The biggest challenge when leading a transformation in organizations is to address the resistance to change. It is a natural reaction, as people feel you trespass their comfort zone.

The way to deal with that is to involve the stakeholders upfront, communicate, explain the methodology, guide them to understand the benefits and show the results.

Quick Win is a good strategy to show results. I take pride in my work because I love working with people, and change is always about people. It is about helping others do things and achieve goals that matter.”

Anthony Stocken, Change project manager

Change Management Course - Anthony Stocken testimonial
Change Management Course - Isabel Gonzalez testimonial

“Change is to move forward and grow. The major challenge is to be open-minded to see on time when things don’t work out and be flexible enough to change direction.

What keeps me moving forward is reviewing actions, correcting mistakes and persistence. A lot of persistence. You have to be patient with change and don’t give up. If you depend on others, you must get the right people on board and manage resistance and commitment.”

Isabel Gonzalez, CEO Klaud9


“Change is part of life, and fear can be part of the change. The thing is… if you are afraid, it is because you are about to make a risky decision, to jump into the unknown. So, fear is natural, it is a defence system but you have to choose: either you stay still or jump forward. And believe me, there is no greater failure in life than not having dared to jump forward. The first step to take is to identify what you want to change and ‘why’.

Then comes the ‘how’ – it is the organization phase: what activities should I carry out to achieve that goal, what alternatives I have, and the consequences. I’ve come to believe that failure does not exist; everything is part of learning and personal growth.”

Veronica Ferrano, Director Rafiki – Africa, Uganda

Change Management Course - Veronica Ferrano testimonial


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Have you been thinking about making a change forever?

Have you been waiting for the right moment?

Have you been postponing a dream, a goal or an action over and over again? I’ve come to believe that procrastination only nurtures regret and makes change harder. Here’s some street wisdom….

You don’t have to wait to know every single detail to launch a change journey. You need to know your goal. The rest you will figure out while you’re planning and executing. Are you afraid? Of what exactly? Define your fears and then think about how much you win by doing nothing and how much you win by doing something.

Change Management quote


How long do I have access to the content?

Participants have 12 months access to the course content (all modules, videos, and tools) from the date you purchased the course. All the templates are downloadable and you can save and reuse those files as many times as you need.

What if I am not sure about what I want to change?

This course offers a universal approach on how to make change happen. If you follow the steps, you will be able to define your SMART goal, develop an action plan, overcome resistance, make changes and sustain results. However, you do need to be sure what you want to work on. If you have several dreams, ideas or goals, you can work and develop them by using one of the tools (prioritisation matrix), so you can choose which one to start working on.

What if I need help in developing my project?

Most people taking this course need help refining their goals and projects. Modules 1 and 2 explore how to develop SMART goals and how to structure a project. You will be able to confidently move forward knowing you have both under control and will be able to work on implementing changes. Should you need further support, check my 1-to-1 coaching courses

What if I will be away/unable to work on my project for a period of time as the modules are released?

No worries! The 4 Step Method was designed to be a move-at-your-own-pace programme. Therefore, you can pause and/or revisit the course whenever necessary since you have permanent access to your learning portal. However, the feedback sessions are time-limited. You will have 1 week after the release of the module to submit your work for feedback. 

What if my goal is simple, does this course still offer value for me?

If your goal is specific and simple to implement, just go for it and make the few changes. If that’s the case, you might not need this course, which presents a structured method to implement goals that require some analysis and planning. However, this course also covers the crucial aspects of committing to change and overcoming resistance – this is something that you will always be able to put into use with other bigger goals that you will almost certainly have in the future.

How do you give feedback?

Once you’ve submitted your work, I will review it, record my feedback and upload it onto your learning platform. You can then listen to it any time. The feedback recording will remain in the platform for the 12 months after you’ve enrolled onto the course. If your subscription includes bonus feedback, I will contact you to coordinate the additional sessions.

I have a question that isn’t answered here!

PERFECT, I am happy to help! You can email me at



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