Boriana Valentinova

The first step to
starting your business:
Define your goal


  • Break the self-limiting beliefs. NOW is the time, tomorrow, you will be busy with other plans, goals and priorities.
  • Learn the difference between Dreams and Goals and discover how to define SMART goals and why they are so helpful. 
  • Prioritise your efforts and resources – you can’t possibly achieve everything you dream about at once.
  • Not sure what you want to do as a business? Not a problem. Discover your Sweet Spot, then set your goal.

I see many people start and give up on their dreams and struggle to keep focused as daily routines take over …​

If you take the opportunity to set your SMART goals and decide on priorities, you will have a sound starting point to start or even transform your business. Next, you can outline an action plan and have a realistic map to follow.

You will get results with less stress, spending, and hassle. Because all the time invested upfront in defining your horizon for action is time well invested and will make your journey easier.

The thing is… any fresh start has two faces. One is about dreaming, planning and imagining success. The other is about organising and action. You have to combine both to get results.

I also see how many spend energy and money going in circles and getting the wrong advice...

Let’s get something clear!

There is no such thing as an EASY business. It’s hard work, and it’s demanding and time-consuming. And it couldn’t be otherwise as a company is about delivering value consistently, facing competition and earning a living.

But it is also a rewarding and fulfilling vocation!

You must be open to learning and be patient. You will have to negotiate and compromise. It doesn’t matter if you are staring or aiming for scaling; you can not achieve it alone. You have to involve a team, partners and suppliers in the process.

So, avoid temptations and shortcuts that will only get you wandering in circles and spending money you could otherwise use. Instead, study the market, follow people who inspire you and use your critical thinking for decision-making.

But I also see how my clients develop theis business plans or scaling roadmaps with clarity...

They start by defining their vision as a SMART goal. Then, they develop a plan and implement it. And they use their resources and time productively because they have a clear focus.

There is always an impediment along the way, a delay, a risk, or one’s procrastination… You are bound to lose it from time to time. But as long as you have your goal, you can always get back on track.

So, turn the invisible into the visible and start working on your dream business today! Now is the right time. Tomorrow will bring other priorities, dreams, and other projects you will have to carry out. “Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week” – this is a Spanish proverb but strikes a universal chord.

Have you been thinking about making a change forever?

Have you been waiting for the right moment?

Have you postponed a dream, a goal or an action over and over again?

I’ve come to believe procrastination only nurtures regret and makes change harder.

Here’s some street wisdom…. You don’t have to wait to know every detail to launch a change journey. You need to know your goal. The rest you will figure out while you’re planning and executing.

Are you afraid? Of what exactly? Define your fears, write them down, and then think about how much you win by doing something and how much you lose by doing nothing.

— Boriana

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