In this Masterclass, we will walk step-by-step through:

  • The 2 Steps to define your goal, prioritize your effort and kick off a change journey.
  • The ultimate change management framework – The 4 Step Change Framework – to implement successful business or life transformations that require certain analysis, resources, and effort.
  • How to deal with resistance to change and commitment – your own and others’.
  • How to avoid stress, frustrations or getting stuck and giving up.

I see many people start and give up on their dreams and struggle to keep focused as daily routines take over …

Change Management Masterclass

…But if you take the opportunity to clearly set out your goals, get guidance on dealing with resistance to change. If you knew how to manage your time and focus on priorities, your results would be much better and your stress levels much lower.

The thing is… any fresh start has two faces. One is about dreaming, planning and imagining success. The other is about organising, prioritising and action. I show how to combine both, get practical, and get results.

Here is where I can help. I have managed change, big and small, personal and business, for more than 18 years.

And I’ve always worked with people and for the people. That’s the essence of a change manager – helping everyone in the big organisational chain, the standalone owner or the freshly formed startup. And I love the process of discovery, analysis and solution offering.

Change Management Masterclass
Change Management Masterclass

I have assisted many people in figuring out WHAT they really want, HOW to achieve it and WHO they have to convince to back them up.

I am here to help you get your transformation. So, take the next step forward to your goal today by joining me in this training.

Have you been thinking about making a change forever?

Have you been waiting for the right moment? 

Have you been postponing a dream, a goal or an action over and over again? 

I’ve come to believe that procrastination only nurtures regret and makes change harder.

Here’s some street wisdom…. You don’t have to wait to know every single detail to launch a change journey. You need to know your goal. The rest you will figure out while you’re planning and executing. You are afraid? Of what exactly? Define your fears and then think about how much you win by doing nothing and how much you win by doing something.

— Boriana



This masterclass is about turning dreams into achievable goals and setting priorities.

There are only two steps needed to focus on the goal you want to achieve. Learn how to turn the invisible dream into a visible plan and execute it!

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Need to improve, but now sure where to start? How to carry on?

Approach business improvement or transformation with an analytical eye and holistic spectrum – find the root causes for the fracture in your processes and the poor customer service, or discover the opportunity to grow.