Boriana Valentinova

building the future

It’s time to start building the future

It is always a good time to start building the future. And it is never a good time, especially if you live by inertia.

I am always in a rush. I hurry to finish a project, get another one, grow my business, spend more time with my family and then rush back to work, travel… I am one of those who never stop, do a lot and sometimes achieve little because we lose focus by multitasking too much. In my inertia, my long-term planning and my everyday life collide.

So, I was more than happy when I discovered GOSPA. It literally changed my life and helped me set priorities and make the right decisions for my business and personal life.

GOSPA is a way to map a plan for your future and contemplate a long-term strategy. I know it might sound to you like a waste of time because the world changes constantly, and long-term plans become inapplicable. But let me tell you something, even in a rapidly evolving world, you need a plan for the future.

GOSPA can dramatically improve your decision-making because it forces you to use long-term thinking and, at the same time, focus on immediate actions to get things done.

So, what is it?

It is a simple five-part formula for developing a sense of direction that you can use for your future.

  • G stand for Goals

The specific, measurable, time-bounded goals you want to achieve over the long term: SMART goal setting.

  • O is Objectives

The interim objectives will get you closer to your primary goals.

  • S is for Strategies

How will you achieve your objectives?

  • P is Priorities

Identify the most effective actions that will make your strategy a success.

  • Actions

The everyday work that will get you to your goals.

Going through the GOSPA model, state by stage will allow you to slow down (we all need that) in your thinking to reach the best decisión. Let’s see how it works through an example:

Let’s say your goal is to have a thriving business in 5 years.

You should ‘translate’ this goal into specific objectives. For example, let’s say attract and retain key talent and reach 10M in turnover.

Next, define which strategies you will use to do that. For example, you can go from e-commerce online sales to offline direct selling and work on creating a good working environment in your organisation that makes employees feel comfortable and happy to work for you.

You can’t possibly execute all the strategies together at the same time. So you will establish priorities and a plan. You will start working to increase turnover and then focus on the company culture.

And finally, focus on the specific actions following this strategy to achieve your objectives. In this case, you should first dedicate time and investment to marketing, finding partners and hiring sales representatives or web developers. And subsequentially concentrate on incorporating the proper components in your organisational structure to attract and keep talent: career paths, benefits, feedback, work in teams.

Here are 5 quick steps to help you set up an action plan to relaunch that business idea:

Use GOSPA for your long term goals and short terms objectives. Be smart in the way you plan – it’s your future. GOSPA model will help you not to mess it up. And, one last piece of advice, write it all down and put it somewhere visual, so that you can read it daily and stay focused.