Immersive 3 day city-break with a business coach


A 3-day city break blended with working sessions with me as your personal coach. I call this experience “A holiday with a purpose”. Each trip is tailor-made, but here is an outline of the activities:


You have a choice. 

If you are looking for Mediterranean vibes, architectonical modernism, beautiful designs, enchanting artisan shos and winding streets, your destination is Barcelona. The city is charming: tapas dining, wine testing bodegas, art shopping, or just sitting in a cafe, sipping a glass of cava and observing the locals in their busy daily life. And, of course, Barcelona wouldn’t be Barcelona without the beachfront and the pleasant walks on the promenade. 

If you prefer a more dynamic, multilingual, fast-paced, massive (but weirdly local) place – that is London for you. The city is full of parks, museums, art galleries and unique and quaint tea shops. And as the big city can be crowder, overwhelming and way too business-like, the trip includes a day’s escape to the beautiful Kent countryside. You will enjoy its picturesque pubs and national parks where deers and foxes run free. 

In any case, I will recommend accommodation for you, such as hotels or Air BnBs. And I will put an itinerary together according to your preferences and budget. 

I will be your guide, shadow, and personal coach over the 3 days. My purpose is to get you out of your usual setting, bring perspective into your thoughts, clarify your decisions and outline a roadmap for your business or career.


Travel allows new experiences, brings novelty and expands boundaries. This holiday is perfect for small business owners and professionals who need to step outside their comfort zone and usual surroundings. It is ideal for those who plan to launch a new business, transform an existing one, rethink direction, change careers.

The package is tailor-made, including a 30-minute introductory call. We will discuss your goal, the coaching you need, the holiday’s destination, your budget and any further questions you might have. After that, I will prepare a detailed itinerary. Once you’ve approved the budget and schedule, we will have another call to coordinate all the details around your trip.


Coaching fees start at €1.140.


Prices for the trip vary depending on destination (Barcelona or London) and time of the year. I will provide you with a budget suitable to your expectations.


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