Boriana Valentinova

From Overwhelmed to Organised

No-stress, no-trial-and-error, but a smooth transition from being a one-show person to becoming a confident business owner.

3 Steps program
1:1 Support to...

Organise, structure, get in control and scale your business

Product definition
Market postioning
Distribution on/off line
Cost structure
Revenue streams
IT, people, processes
Produce or outsource
Key partners

Who is this
program for?

Small business owners who need help developing more products, managing a team, getting finances and processes under control and also struggle with IT complexity.​

Solopreneurs who want to scale in response to growing demand and need help organising, setting up priorities, investing in team and marketing.​

Anyone with a side hustle that has been going on for a while, is already invoicing and intends to scale it as a formal business​ and principal source of income.​

Professionals with a business idea, who want to kick off a business and aim for ambitious growth in the longer run.​

What do you get in this program?

Clear market positioning and sales strategy

Know the team, processes, and IT needed to run the business efficiently

Get control over the financial aspect, work with a budget and  investment mindset

Develop the supply or distribution chains to connect with suppliers and customers.

Discover best practices on how to be profitable, efficient and ahead of the competition.

A roadmap for long-term business growth.

How will you
feel after this program?

Decluttered – the feeling of being overloaded comes from too much noise on the market, giving in to distractions and multitasking. You will learn to see what brings you value and prioritise. 

Focused – there are many aspects of a business, and everything seems important. The reality is that we have limited time, money and energy. You will learn to concentrate on priorities.

Confident – confidence comes with knowledge. You will learn about the business fundamentals and the model you need to grow and be profitable.

Motivated – we shy away from changes because we doubt our ability to face the unknown. But what if you had all the tools you needed to move forward? Would you feel motivated to conquer?

Knowledgeable –  you will know what to do and how to do it to take your business to the next level.

You will feel confident and assured that you
will make it work.

No-stress, no-trial-and-error, but a smooth transition from being a one-show person to becoming a confident business owner.

What's inside
From Overwhelmed to Organised


Shape - the business challenge

1 Meeting: We will make a full audit of your operations and work on defining precisely your expected/desired growth: 

  • The vision ‘where?’ and the purpose ‘why?’.
  • Outline the processes, assets, team, and IT needed to get to your future vision.
  • Inventory of what you’ve got, estimation of how to fill the gap.
  • Investment estimation (time and money), ROI projection.
  • Shift limiting beliefs, and push boundaries.


Structure - the core of the transformation

2 Work sessions: Develop the future business model:

  • Change/adapt product/service offerings, pricing, fulfilment, and revenues.
  • Map structure, workflows, IT and roles and responsibilities. 
  • Outline marketing, promotion and sales plan.
  • Define the expertise/team and network needed to run the scaled business (either internally or outsourced).



Launch - the deliverables

2 Work sessions: Kick off the implementation of the new business model:

  • Strategic positioning: target definition, SWOT, marketing plan.
  • Operational model map: business model canvas
  • Roadmap and milestones.
  • Action plan and metrics: marketing and sales, operations and fulfilment, finance and accounting.
  • Kick off the first changes.

Meetings/work sessions last one hour each and are conducted online.
The program includes a follow-up call,
and you can email me with questions anytime.



Some of my clients

“Boriana’s program has given me a step-by-step roadmap for growing the business. She provided clarity on how to organize my team and prioritise the investment I needed to do. Excellent!”

Vincent Bithell, Storelectric


"When I started with Boriana, I was at a point of giving up on my business idea. The program helped me get clarity, set realistic goals and develop an action plan to grow. It's been the best investment I've made."

Ingrid Omerovic, Just starting up


“I had thought of becoming a financial advisor, but I saw it as the right path for me when I started working with Boriana. Her program helped me get clarity, get my business model and launch it. Thank you!"

Veronica Ferrano

Villas Cosette

“I was totally overwhelmed with the workload and pressure. Focus, prioritise, get everything done was out of question. But Boriana helped me get around it, plan a new strategy. In a few months, I went from being unable to fulfil orders to doubling my deliveries and revenues."

Cosette Sanchez, Villas Cosette

What is my guarantee?

  • This is an individual 1:1 service. You get a Free Intro Call, then 5 working sessions, and 1 follow-up session. I explain all the details during the Intro Call.
  • We will meet online, but I am personally showing up for you: no automated emails, no chatboxes, and no standard forms to fill in.
  • My way of working is ‘hands-on’, which means I am not teaching you, I am coaching you on the job, and we both will roll up our sleeves and get down to work to get you organised and achieve your goal.
  • We will cover all aspects of a business: marketing and sales, finance and accounting, operations and fulfilment, IT and people.
  • I use very structured and efficient tools and strategies for business transformation, which are market proven.
  • You will experience clarity and the calmness that comes with it.
  • A positive and stimulating 1:1 working atmosphere.


Free 30min intro call. Five working sessions and a follow-up session (1h each). Full audit of your current business operations and a roadmap to get organised, be in control of your finances, clients and teams and grow. Some templates we will be working with: Deep Client Dive, SWOT analysis, Business Model Canvas, Prioritisation matrix, P&L, RACI chart, organisational diagram, and sales forecast.

I encourage you to complete the 5 sessions in a maximum of two months. This way you will see quick results. The follow-up session should take place a month later. However, you have a spot with me for 6 months just in case you experience any delays.

Yes. I do. I am 100% committed to helping you succeed. But if you can show me that you’ve gone through the steps, did the work with all the templates, and still don’t feel that you have a clear roadmap for your business, then you can contact me to get your investment back.

No. You must have a clear business idea and know business basics like P&L, marketing, processes and product development. Please refer to the “Who is this program for?” section. If you don’t fall into those targets, we can still work together, but please check my coaching or consulting packs

The tools and strategies (and the templates) can be applied to almost any business: processing, manufacturing, construction, services, retailers, entertainment, financial, e-commerce, research and development, IT, education, consulting and coaching, etc. During the Intro call we will comment in depth.

Let's get your business to the next level without stressing, going in circles and losing money and