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How I went from working for multinationals to helping business owners and entrepreneurs with growth

got stuck! Yes, I’ve been there – in that twilight zone – feeling lost because things aren’t going as you would like or changes not happening as expected. As a transformation manager, my job was to make change happen. I have seen teams coming together and working successfully to change structures, processes, cultures… However, I have also seen plenty of demotivation, resistance to change and lack of commitment, but I couldn’t do much, as I was always in a rush for the next deadline, next project, next important meeting.

Getting stuck was a blessing in disguise; I uncovered what I was passionate about. I wanted to impact personally and help people make necessary changes in their business or professional lives without procrastinating or failing. I wanted to help people lose fear or apprehension to change.

So, I decided to make change simple. I took time off and worked on making the invisible – visible:  I turned all my thoughts and 20 years of accumulated knowledge and experience into print. This print has taken various shapes and forms, and I now want to share it all with you to help you improve, transform, grow your business or team.

HI. I’m Boriana – I am a change management consultant and coach, all rolled into one. I have a knack for breaking down big issues into small manageable steps, making complicated things simple, translating strategy into action and getting results. I help change happen.

Over the years I’ve developed a reputation as a relentless ‘hands-on’ manager

I am one of the few change management leaders with in-the-trenches business transformation experience because I roll my sleeves up and implement actions to get results. And I do that because I love what I do, and I know what works.

When you make changes, you face the titanium wall of the STATUS QUO. It takes a combination of strategy, tools and soft skills to go through that wall and accomplish goals. But above all, it takes determination and focus. So, being tenacious is a skill that has been in my favour.

Change Management Leader

A little about me

Born into a family of diplomats, I have travelled since I was one year old. I now divide my time between London and Barcelona.

I speak 5 languages – all with an accent 🙂.

Love moving the furniture around in my house.

No better therapy than a glass of wine with girlfriends.

Annoyingly obsessed with action movies. Embarrassingly cry with romcoms.

My dream is to see the Earth from space and live in Los Roques.

Change Management Coach

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