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Change Management Consultant

Transformation depends on duration, integrity, commitment and effort.

Change management is about preparing, giving support and equipping individuals, teams, and business to change successfully. It involves all areas of a business: technology, processes, people, market and competition. The discipline goes beyond the right concept, the right core process redesign, or even the right team of stakeholders. The core lies in changing the people system, questioning the status quo, and pursuing a valid and worthy goal.

Successful transformation depends on the duration of the project but more so on frequent revisión of milestones; the integrity of the performance of the middle management; the addressing of resistance, hence securing commitment; and on the teams’ efforts. And of course – on the alignment of the top management. All these aspects have to be tied together and managed within a framework.

Do I need a change management coach or consultant?

It depends on your goal and the readiness to commit to the transformation process needed to achieve that goal.

A coach will guide you by offering advice and will motivate you, but seldom gets involved hands-on in your project.

A consultant, especially a change management consultant, becomes your shadow, the executive branch of your strategy. Somebody who will carry out actions, train you, help you lead your team, and somebody you can hold accountable for your progress or fallbacks.

The change management consultant will help you get things done for your business.

My experience and knowledge allow me to offer both: coaching and consulting. I can tailor my approach depending on the change you want and the results you want to achieve.

Change Management Consultancy Services

I don’t apply standard “off-the-shelf” approaches. Instead, I look for what will work in the situation at hand. I adapt the methodologies as you need to make a change. But I follow a framework.

6m+ months project
Goal, scope, metrics, risks, stakeholders, roadmap. Oversee, steer and follow-up transformation. 

Scale? Downsizing? Spin-off? New process flows and procedures deployment. Train the trainer.

Turn-key solution
From the current state to the future desired state: process flows, R&R, KPI’s, governance model. 

Interim executing management and team leadership for transformational journeys. 

How can a Change Management Consultant help your business?

Change management consultant knows about change and especially knows about changing complex situations. We focus on people, but we also transform the business processes, job roles, organizational structures and the related systems and technology. While other consultants try to keep things under control, we are determined to shake things up in the best interest of our stakeholders. 

The change management consultant will give you a holistic roadmap, not fractional, standalone solutions suitable for some parts of your business. He or she will help you tie together the aspects of your business in an optimal, improved way to achieve the results you want: higher income, efficient cost structure, market positioning, better company culture …

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