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Work smarter, not harder

Work smarter, hot harder – automate your growth

How can you work smarter with the increasing workload when you scale your business without working harder? How can you cost-effectively do that and not drive spendings through the roof? By automating your processes. Let’s start by understanding two essential components when automating a growing business: processes and project work.  Business processes are steps performed by people to achieve a specific goal. Mainly, each step in a business process means

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5 differences between change management and project management

Change management vs. Project management

There are 5 main differences between change management and project management. Understanding them will help you make changes a reality. When we talk about managing a change, we tend to think about the business environment. But both disciplines go so much further. They are used in almost every aspect of our lives. They are intertwined and overlap in some parts, but at the same time, they are independent and quite

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Change manager

What is change management?

Change management is about preparing, giving support and equipping individuals, teams, and business to change successfully. It involves all areas of a business: technology, processes, people, market and competition. The discipline goes beyond the right concept, the right core process redesign, or even the right team of stakeholders. The core lies in changing the people system, questioning the status quo, and pursuing a valid and worthy goal.  Change Manager Mindset  You

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How to work on several projects and not lose the plot?

How to work on several projects and not lose the plot?

Is it possible to carry out a few projects simultaneously and get results quickly and efficiently? Absolutely! It’s possible to work simultaneously on entirely different projects without the sensation of being overloaded and not in control. And I am not talking about multitasking – the ability to perform more than one task or activity simultaneously, which, if taken to the extreme, can bring errors due to insufficient attention. I am talking about

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Single source of truth for processes

You’ve probably heard about the expression ‘single source of truth’ when discussing data and data management. It refers to a designated centralised database that nurtures all analysis you do for your business. Such a centralisation secures the quality and consistency of data. Similarly, you also need a ‘single source of truth’ for your business processes.  Process inconsistency If you wonder what I mean, recall any complaint you had made to a

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Breaking 3 Self-Limiting Beliefs that stop us big time from making a change

We have all often heard that change depends on us.  Way too often… It almost sounds like a cliche. Especially if you are told so by somebody who does not know the complete picture of your story or the difficult time you have to figure out how to change. However, there is an element of truth in the statement: change does depend on us. The tricky part is to decide to

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If the magic is outside the comfort zone, why is it so hard to leave it?

We intrinsically resist change, especially those that threaten our comfort zone despite the benefits we expect to see in the future. And commitment tends to be short term as the current world is all about short term results: the next quarter financials in organisations, the fastband speed for immediate downloads, the quick falling in love, immediate recognition…  We also resist change due to fear, fear of the unknown, fear of

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How to deal with “this will not work for you”?

When you hear this objection, before you answer, before even you blink, think! Force yourself to think or if your mind is blank, remain quiet. Take a few seconds to control the rush to answer we all get when others judge us. And then, rather than jumping on the defensive side and start giving explanations, make a simple question: “What makes you think so?”  Whenever you face resistance to change

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Define your SMART goal

We usually start a transformation journey because we have a dream, a vision. However, we have to express it as a specific goal to achieve that dream. Why? Because dreams and visions are inspiring, but they are imprecise and need to be translated into something more specific, less abstract, something you can measure to set up actions and achieve results. And this is what a SMART goal can do for you –

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5 quick steps to relaunch your business idea

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” THOMAS EDISON Here are 5 quick steps to help you set up an action plan to relaunch that business idea:  1. Stop waiting for help, guidance from above or a move of your competitors For 1 week, take 6 hours a day off work or personal life and leave your desk (but take your

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