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Try to understand your customer…

Once we have a business idea, we get into sprint mode. We want to put it into practice immediately. So, our primary focus is to quickly develop the product or service we have in mind and launch it. Then we shift fixation to achieving more sales, significant market share and high returns on investment. And along this path paved with inertia, entrepreneurship and expectations, we forget to learn about the persona that

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A unique business idea

How can you start a unique, innovative business that stands out n a crowded market? And how can you sustain that uniqueness in the future? Tricky questions, I know. But thankfully, they have an answer. And that answer lies within you. I will show you a simple strategy for finding it and knowing what is the best business idea for you. I’m not saying it will be easy. But, I

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It’s time to start building the future

It is always a good time to start building the future. And it is never a good time. Especially if you live by inertia. I am always in a rush. I hurry to finish a project, get another one, grow my business, spend more time with my family and then rush back to work, travel… I am one of those people who never stop, who do a lot and sometimes

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Change before you have to

“Change before you have to”. Wise words from Jack Welch Ex-CEO of GE, and a visionary man who took the company to the next level. He made GE a market leader, a profitable organisation and a great place to work. We have all been in situations where we doubt change – why bother? Our current circumstances are ‘not that bad’. Therefore, we don’t have to change. This is our comfort zone

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The 20-60-20 golden rule of change management

If change is part of business and means progress, why is it so difficult? The 20-60-20 rule of change management answers how to tackle that. When you try to make an important change in your business, you face two primary sources of resistance: your stakeholders and yourself. The root causes for that resistance are three basic instincts: the comfort zone, being in control and fear of the unknown (the change

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A project for everyone

When you want to launch a business, you write a plan. When you want to build a house, you get a project. When you travel for pleasure, you put an itinerary together. When you marry, you get a wedding planner. When you decide to start saving for retirement, you consult a bank or financial advisor for the best plan. So, knowingly or unknowingly, we put together a plan, a project

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Getting organised?

I guess you have had a job interview at some point in your career. Typically, you would expose your experience before the interviewer, answer questions, and defend your knowledge and expertise. The purpose of the person interviewing you is to find out if you are what they need to achieve business goals.  In reality, getting the job depends not only on your knowledge but also on your skills. Skills are

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Growing? Chose the apps

Growing your business? Choose the right app!

Do you spend a LOT of time searching for information? I do. Especially for work, when I need to choose amongst applications, courses, compare competitors, etc. I can spend hours trying to make my way through the clutter and find the piece of data that is relevant to me. I wish sometimes there were a clone of me, ahead of me in time, who has already done all the research

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Agile vs Kaizen, which one works better?

It is a fact that without teamwork, any business transformation fails. That’s true even for solopreneurs. If they don’t join efforts with service providers, partners and clients, they won’t grow. By now, almost everyone has heard about agile and kaizen teams. And the question that often arises is which one to use… Whether you are just starting or transforming your business, you need a team to help you get to

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Top mistakes to avoid when implementing changes

Driving changes in an organisation can be challenging and complex. As a result, 70% of initiatives fail. But it can be achieved by having a few strategies in place, thus avoiding setbacks. Among them is defining the scope, choosing the correct working method, and making resources available (people, budget, time). Here are the top 7 mistakes to avoid when implementing changes. Not having a clearly defined scope Changing a business

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Process improvement

Process improvement and happy customers

At the beginning of its existence, any business is LEAN. The products or services are flawless, work is carried out efficiently, deliveries are just on time, and there is high employee engagement. We make fast decisions and take care of the customer on time. There is little concern with process improvement as things run smoothly. The complication comes with growth. We start segmenting markets, hiring more people, adding more software to

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Scale your business

Scale vs Growth

In business, “scaling” has become a fashionable jargon. We refer to scale as a promising start-up, a solopreneur lifting off the ground, or a company facing a rapidly increasing demand. But is scaling meant for everyone? What does scaling your business actually Mean? What about growth? Is it the same?  Let’s use some numbers to illustrate. Let’s say you land a new client for a $100,000 contract/year. To fulfil that

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