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One constant you can rely on? Change!

I firmly believe that we can’t manage change in our businesses without purpose, commitment and teamwork.

So, I write about what is needed to grow or transform, how to lead teams in times of change, and how to overcome resistance.

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I know reading is time-consuming, and we are all in a shortage of time. But, reading is a source of knowledge. Having the correct information in business is crucial. It doesn't matter if you are starting or already a fully experienced CEO. You have to read even if you have little spared time. So, I keep that in mind; my articles on how to manage change are short and straight to the point providing tools, strategies and best practices.
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effectiveness vs efficiency

Efficiency vs effectiveness

“Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.” That’s Peter Drucker’s quote demystifying the efficiency vs effectiveness dilemma.

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Root causes, behaviours and strategies to manage change. 

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