The complete guide to transform operations

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Any business’s strategic agenda includes a plan to eventually transform and improve operations. Streamlining operations or eliminating waste in processes to improve efficiency and competitiveness is part of the business life cycle. However, there is the market wisdom that starting a company is more manageable than transforming an existing one. And it is a fact […]

Don’t grow but stay competitive

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We judge success by measuring growth and define business growth in terms of money. Everything translates into that: revenues, market share, innovation, investment, and spending. However, success is no longer only about growth and wealth in our ever-changing societies. Many choose not to grow but stay competitive. So, we increasingly include free time, physical and mental […]

Somebody is leaving your team? Don’t take it personally…

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When you grow your business, you enter a world of changes. And you can’t possibly accomplish it all without your team, partners or suppliers. You aim to become bigger, more efficient or more competitive. Whatever it is, you are getting to the next level of your business. But as sometimes it happens, growth is not […]

How come we keep expecting change to happen by magic?

Imagine you run a restaurant. You’ve been in business for a few years, you have a stable clientele, and your turnaround is not bad. However, you notice that clients are drifting away… regulars are starting to come less frequently, there are fewer new customers, fewer tips, and more empty tables. So, you do your marketing […]

Why do some start-ups raise capital and others don’t?

Green investment

Raising capital is not a new goal. It has always been a significant stepstone in business growth. However, since the uprise of start-ups, raising capital is not only needed for survival; it has become a trendy topic. So, success and failure in start-ups have been attributed primarily to whether or not a company manages to […]

Why do action plans fail?

So, you have your business goal and roadmap to start your business or transform an existing one. Next comes your action plan. It is an exciting step as it means getting things done, making changes, and moving forward. However, a massive percentage of start-ups or transformations fail at this stage: at the execution.Usually, there is […]

Try to understand your customer expectations

customer expectations

Once we have a business idea, we get into sprint mode. We want to put it into practice immediately. So, our primary focus is to quickly develop and launch the product or service we have in mind. Then we shift fixation to achieving more sales, significant market share and high returns on investment. And along this path […]

A unique business idea

unique business idea

How can you discover that unique business idea that will make you stand out in a crowded market? And how can you sustain that uniqueness in the future? Tricky questions, I know. But thankfully, they have an answer. And that answer lies within you. I will show you a simple strategy for discovering the unique […]

It’s time to start building the future

building the future

It is always a good time to start building the future. And it is never a good time. Especially if you live by inertia. I am always in a rush. I hurry to finish a project, get another one, grow my business, spend more time with my family and then rush back to work, travel… […]