Efficiency vs effectiveness

effectiveness vs efficiency

“Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.” That’s Peter Drucker’s quote demystifying the efficiency vs effectiveness dilemma. Doing the right thing comes first. Only then can we improve and do things right. But often, we do it all the way around. We try to improve on something wrong at its core, which […]

Are you falling into the urgency trap?

Urgency trap

We all fall into the ‘Urgency trap’. Especially around the time of the year when we want to close deals and projects, fulfil deadlines, spend budgets and reach destinations. Everyone is in a rush, everything is urgent, and it seems like the world will end badly if we don’t speed up (more) and get the […]

Stop overanalysing


Stop overanalysing with complex tools; use pen and paper instead. And especially… work in a team. A few weeks ago, I started a project with a new client. Last week was full of brainstorming, discussions and decision-making. The client is facing a challenging situation. They are experiencing long lead times and quality issues. All this […]

Manufacturing footprint

manufacturing footprint

Scaling a startup or growing a business within the secondary industry (consisting of processing, manufacturing, and construction companies) is not merely about more customers and traction; it is also about being able to fulfil efficiently on a global scale. There lays the hidden challenge of growth: making the right things in the right places. Manufacturing footprint […]

Cultural transformation can be easy…

cultural transformation

… if you break it into actions. Cultural transformation is the process of changing the set of values and behaviours of people. Can you imagine a more challenging transformation for a company than that? I doubt it. In any case, big or small, it means disruption. However, this “colossal” challenge can be faced and even […]

Have a backup plan because when it rains, it pours

have a back up plan, when it rains it pours

I often ask business owners what is the worst experience they’ve been through in their businesses. And I usually get the same four answers. So, recently I analysed those in more depth and discovered that they are all linked to risk management and what we (in change management) call present bias. Curiously, the business owners […]

Increase productivity by optimising non-core processes

productivity and efficiency

Increasing productivity is about doing more with the same resource. It is actually a very one-sided improvement, as you can only change one part of the equation. Technological advances can increase productivity in some industries as processes can be digitised. However, in others, like construction, education and health, accommodation and restaurants, and business services, productivity […]

The complete guide to transform operations

Business transformation loading

Any business’s strategic agenda includes a plan to eventually transform and improve operations. Streamlining operations or eliminating waste in processes to improve efficiency and competitiveness is part of the business life cycle. However, there is the market wisdom that starting a company is more manageable than transforming an existing one. And it is a fact […]

Don’t grow but stay competitive

People in a business meeting

We judge success by measuring growth and define business growth in terms of money. Everything translates into that: revenues, market share, innovation, investment, and spending. However, success is no longer only about growth and wealth in our ever-changing societies. Many choose not to grow but stay competitive. So, we increasingly include free time, physical and mental […]