5 Strategies to successfully leverage
a transformation program

Transformational program

Leading a transformation program is challenging. And the bigger the scope, the bigger the resistance to change. This comes as a result of organisational complexity, risks and resource constraints. So, it requires careful planning, effective communication, and strong leadership to overcome these challenges, effectively manage stakeholders and ensure a successful outcome. There are five aspects […]

Storytelling to engage employees and promote change


How can you make an upcoming change appealing? It’s simple! Storytelling. Still, many find it tricky as it leads to sharing personal experiences and frequently means exposing a vulnerability. Perfection continues to be a self-imposed limitation. But we are not perfect, and the people around us know that. So, stop pretending, give it s twist […]

Your employees are not lazy, they are probably overworked

Overworked employees

I often help companies improve their working environment. It is an integral part of change management. And whilst there are many different reasons for a hostile company culture or demotivated teams, one keeps coming over and over again: overworked employees. Especially for companies that have grown fast or have faced downsizing, the work/activities distribution needs […]

Customer-centric organizations, are they real?

Customer centric

We all talk about value-driven and customer-centric organizations. With what purpose?  To show that a business cares for its customers, their preferences, and expectations.  To highlight that the efforts go towards top-class customer care.  Let’s translate those two slogans into practicality. That means that such businesses provide high-level quality products and services to their clients, and when they occasionally […]

Efficiency vs effectiveness

effectiveness vs efficiency

“Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.” That’s Peter Drucker’s quote demystifying the efficiency vs effectiveness dilemma. Doing the right thing comes first. Only then can we improve and do things right. But often, we do it all the way around. We try to improve on something wrong at its core, which […]

Are you falling into the urgency trap?

Urgency trap

We all fall into the ‘Urgency trap’. Especially around the time of the year when we want to close deals and projects, fulfil deadlines, spend budgets and reach destinations. Everyone is in a rush, everything is urgent, and it seems like the world will end badly if we don’t speed up (more) and get the […]

Stop overanalysing


Stop overanalysing with complex tools; use pen and paper instead. And especially… work in a team. A few weeks ago, I started a project with a new client. Last week was full of brainstorming, discussions and decision-making. The client is facing a challenging situation. They are experiencing long lead times and quality issues. All this […]

Manufacturing footprint

manufacturing footprint

Scaling a startup or growing a business within the secondary industry (consisting of processing, manufacturing, and construction companies) is not merely about more customers and traction; it is also about being able to fulfil efficiently on a global scale. There lays the hidden challenge of growth: making the right things in the right places. Manufacturing footprint […]

Cultural transformation can be easy…

cultural transformation

… if you break it into actions. Cultural transformation is the process of changing the set of values and behaviours of people. Can you imagine a more challenging transformation for a company than that? I doubt it. In any case, big or small, it means disruption. However, this “colossal” challenge can be faced and even […]