Boriana Valentinova

unique business idea

A unique business idea

How can you discover that unique business idea that will make you stand out in a crowded market? And how can you sustain that uniqueness in the future?

Tricky questions, I know. But thankfully, they have an answer.

And that answer lies within you. I will show you a simple strategy for discovering the unique business idea that works best for you. I’m not saying it will be easy. But I am saying it will be worth it. You will know what to do and love doing it for a living.

So grab a pen and a piece of paper and prepare to re-discover what you are good at.

1. Skills

Let’s start by recalling your skills. What are you truly good at? For example, you can be good at drawing 3D shapes; you might be an excellent photographer or a fast runner. List all the skills you can think of. In my case, I have solid organisational skills. Also, I can easily break big problems into smaller ones and address each one at a time. I’m also an excellent listener.

What are your skills? Make a list of at least five.

2. Experience

Next, what are your most relevant experiences? Let’s say you’ve worked as a dog trainer or you’ve been a manager in the pharmaceutical industry for a long time, or you have experience teaching. You might even have worked for non-profit organisations helping refugees. My expertise, for instance, is in project and change management. And I also have a background in negotiation and education.
So, list any jobs or activities that have helped you accumulate knowledge and experience.

3. Passion

Finally, make a list of what you are passionate about. What you truly love doing. It could be that you are passionate about clothes design, looking after animals, or contributing to preserving the environment. I am passionate about mentoring, travel, and good food. I am also passionate about interior design and helping others. Passions usually make the most extended list because we enjoy different things in life.
In this formula I am sharing with you, your passion is the key to finding the right business idea. So, write down a list of what makes you happy and what you enjoy doing.
Once you’ve written these three lists: your skills, experiences and passions, try to discover which ones overlap or complement. For example, you might have listed drawing as a skill. And, on the other hand, you might have experience in teaching. Also, you could enjoy helping others with their 3D drawings, so they don’t make the same mistakes you did. This thought threat will make you realise that it will be pretty good to set up a business focused on 3D illustration.

You might argue that there are many such businesses. You are right! But your passion for illustration will guide you to discover a gap, a niche within that market. Moreover, your knowledge will help you get there faster than others because you know how to do things and what is needed to make a good illustration. So, there you’ve got a unique business idea.

When you follow this approach and base your business on your Sweet Spot, you can offer a distinctive service or product. And you will be able to sustain your business long-term as you will be doing what you like and innovating continuously.

Trust me, I am speaking from experience😀.