Boriana Valentinova

Hi, I'm Boriana

I help businesses change their operating model to grow, increase efficiency, boost profit, and create a better working environment.

Boriana Valentinova

Hi, I'm Boriana

A business transformation consultant and coach.

I help small and medium-sized businesses change their models and operations to grow, increase efficiency, boost profit and create a better working environment.

The right operating model

An operating model is the blueprint for creating and delivering value to target customers. 

Any business (service or manufacturing) needs three pillars to deliver its value proposition:

  • marketing and sales,
  • operations and fulfilment,
  • finance and accounting.

All these components are not static; they are moving, breathing elements, interdependent and intertwined by processes, people and metrics. They evolve with time, requiring investment, innovation and continuous improvement. The operating model must combine the three and the associated processes in an optimum way to deliver the right quality in the right quantity and at the right moment.

The question I often get is, which is the right operating model for me

The answer is: it depends… 

The way you organise your business to operate and deliver depends on your vision, your resources and the industry you are in. So, start with defining your goals. What do you want to achieve? 

Next, outline the business pillars and the associated processes you need to achieve your goals:

    • What are my customer expectations (your value proposition)?
    • What key activities must I do to generate the expected product or service?
    • What resources (people, investment, time) do I need to get the work done? 
    • Where does the work get done (insourced or outsourced)?
    • How can I drive better outcomes as my business grows?

All that information will help you define your operating model, and you can draw a roadmap to get there

One of the most significant challenges to business growth is resistance to change. Therefore, your operating model has to foresee a transformational capability and have a process for continuous improvement and employee involvement.

So, the right operating model depends on your business vision, understanding your customer and employees, and openness to change!

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Is this your challenge?

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How to set up your teams optimally to create an engaging and collaborative working environment that’s customer-centric?

Where to begin, how to “sell”  an innovative or transformational idea to your stakeholders and then how to execute it?

You struggle to get organised with endless priorities or get the team you need to pivot—schedule, structure, budget, stakeholders, investors, risks… 

How Can I Help?

I specialise in continuous improvement and business transformation. I can help you get your operations under control, increase efficiency, boost profits and create an optimum working environment where employees engage and are customer-centric.

My approach is different and value-driven: everything starts and finishes with the customer. I will understand your whole business. Only this way I can provide a holistic strategy or guidance to improve a specific function.

1 We start by defining your vision as a crystal clear goal; whether it is to grow, restructure, transform, improve or even downsize, there will be no more ambiguity.

2 I will work in a team with you to map the whole value stream. I will help you define the right operating model. We will organize the resources and put together an action plan.

3 I will show you how to eliminate resistance to change, get everyone on board, address stoppers and commit to taking the business to the next level.

4 I will help you implement the changes to make the structural, organizational and innovative transformation needed within your business and with your employees.

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