Boriana Valentinova


Hi, I'm Boriana

A business transformation consultant and coach.

I help small and medium-sized businesses change their models and operations to grow, increase efficiency, boost profit and create a better working environment.

Boriana Valentinova

Hi, I'm Boriana

A business transformation consultant and coach.

I help small and medium-sized businesses change their models and operations to grow, increase efficiency, boost profit and create a better working environment.

The right business model

Any business (service or manufacturing) needs three pillars to deliver its value proposition to customers and stay competitive: marketing and sales, operations and fulfilment, and finance and accounting. All these components are not static; they are moving, breathing elements, interdependent and intertwined by processes, procedures and metrics. They evolve with time, and all need investment, development and continuous improvement.

The question I often get is, which is the right business model for me? The answer is: It depends on your industry, customer value proposition, and resources. Of course, you could start your company focusing on one or two of the pillars. But only a business model with a solid structure that has all three connected with flexible and customer-oriented processes ensures competitiveness.  

How can you get such a solid and at the same time flexible business model? Start with defining your goals. What do you want to achieve? What is your vision? Do you aim to disrupt the market? Do you need to increase efficiency and profit? Do you want to increase employee engagement? Defining your goals will give you the framework for the business model and structure you need to develop.

Next, analyse where you stand: your customer, competitor, and current modus operanti. Then, draw a roadmap of milestones to get you to your goal. Along the way, consider your resources and your team. What you’ve got, what you need to get, and the associated investment.

One of the most significant handicaps to growth is resistance to change. Consider that not everyone has the same business agenda. So, as a leader, you will have to convince people to follow you for a better future benefit for everyone.

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Is this your challenge?

You are trying to figure out how to take your business to the next level. Where to begin, how to “sell” the idea to your stakeholders and then how to execute it?

You have started and abandoned significant initiatives because it wasn’t ¨the right time¨, and the resistance to change you have faced has been challenging to tackle.

You struggle to get organised or get the team you need to pivot—schedule, structure, budget, stakeholders, investors, risks, … no time for all that. Your daily tasks keep taking priority over longer-term goals…

How Can I Help?

As a business transformation consultant and coach, I specialise in helping companies grow, increase efficiency, boost profits and create an optimum working environment where employees engage and feel motivated. As we work together, I will become your partner in making that happen. I will help you define your vision and goals. I will provide a framework, a roadmap, and step-by-step assistance and motivation. 

1 We start by defining your vision as a crystal clear goal; whether to grow, restructure, transform, improve or even downsize, there will be no more ambiguity.

2 I will guide you to put order and structure into your actions. We will organize the resources you need: time, budget and team. We will put together an action plan.

3 I will show you how to eliminate resistance to change, get everyone on board, address stoppers and commit to taking the business to the next level.

4 I will help you implement what is needed to sustain the change you’ve made and train you and your team to improve and grow continuously.

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