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Hi, I’m Boriana
Change Management Consultant and Coach; I help business owners and entrepreneurs to scale operations, increase efficiency and profitability, and manage resistance to change.
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Are you stuck trying to figure out how to transform your business or launch a new project?

Do you need guidance with your transformation journey: where to start, how to plan, how to execute actions and how to convince others?

Have you started and abandoned important changes because your daily tasks take priority over your longer-term goals?

Do you need somebody to help you put pieces together, streamline your efforts and help you get results?

Change Management Consultant

Change Management Coach

A change Management Coach is somebody who becomes your partner in change, provides a framework, a roadmap, a step by step assistance and motivation. I will work with you to enable you achieve results and instantly stand out. Here is how it works:

One, you start with expressing your vision as a crystal clear goal. Then, there is no more wondering what to do, how to do it and especially there is no more stress and frustration.

Two, I will guide you to put order and structure into your actions. You will organize the resources you need: time, money and stakeholders. We will put together an action plan.

Three, I will show you how to eliminate resistance and commit to change.

Four, I will help you implement what is needed to transform – you will actually make the change you want to see in your business.

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Ready to kick off a change but not sure where to start? Dreading losing it?

This free (and very clear) cheat sheet will give you the guidance you need to start and finish your transformation in the most efficient way.
(You will be steering the wheel!)

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Dreaming about achieving goals?

Translate your inspiring dreams into specific goals. This free (and highly detailed) guide will help you define your goal, measure your progress and prepare an action plan to achieve the change you aim for.

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Feel like the world is set against you?

It takes a combination of strategy, tools and soft skills to break the Status Quo. Discover the reasons behind resistance to change and how two clever strategies can help you manage it and turn it into commitment.