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Hi, I’m Boriana
Business consultant, coach & mentor - I simplify the complexity of change and growth. I help business owners scale up operations, install lean-agile culture, maximize resources.
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Is scaling meant for every business? What about growth?

Find root causes of problems and keep customers happy

Are you stuck trying to figure out how to transform your business or launch a new project?

Do you need guidance with your transformation journey: where to start, how to plan, how to execute actions and how to convince others?

Have you started and abandoned important changes because your daily tasks take priority over your longer-term goals?

Do you need somebody to help you put pieces together, streamline your efforts and help you get results?

Change Management Consultant

Change Management Coach

A change Management Coach is somebody who becomes your partner in change, provides a framework, a roadmap, a step by step assistance and motivation. I will work with you to enable you achieve results and instantly stand out. Here is how it works:

One, you start with expressing your vision as a crystal clear goal. Then, there is no more wondering what to do, how to do it and especially there is no more stress and frustration.

Two, I will guide you to put order and structure into your actions. You will organize the resources you need: time, money and stakeholders. We will put together an action plan.

Three, I will show you how to eliminate resistance and commit to change.

Four, I will help you implement what is needed to transform – you will actually make the change you want to see in your business.

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Got a business idea but not sure how to make it happen?​

Starting a business is an exciting journey and a complex one. Here you will find the complete guide, including all the essential steps, templates and tools you need to make it a successful new beginning.

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Ready to grow and scale-up your business?

Scalability is the ability of a system, network, process or even a company to handle a growing amount of work. But is scaling meant for everyone? What does scaling up your business mean? What about growth? Is it the same?

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How to streamline operations and keep customers happy?

Improving a business could be as simple as getting a better phone system or as complex as changing the entire organisational structure. However, business owners should direct their efforts to improve according to their customer’s expectations. Find out how!

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Need to improve, but now sure where to start? How to carry on?

Approach business improvement or transformation with an analytical eye and holistic spectrum – find the root causes for the fracture in your processes and the poor customer service, or discover the opportunity to grow.